About Us

About Us: We are a family of two humans and two wonderful greyhounds living in Maine. This companion site to MaineNatureDiary covers our lives with our greyhounds, other greyhounds, and their human companions.

About our Greyhounds:
Lady Flame
aka TV Pink Lady (racing name)
Sire: Dodgem By Design
Dam: CTW Ophelia
Paternal Grandfather: Gable Dodge
Paternal Great, Great Grandfather: Dutch Bahama
Maternal Great, Great, Grandfather: HB’s Commander
Left Tattoo: 51147 -  Right Tattoo: 69A
Color – Fawn/Light Brindle mix
Whelp Date: June 17, 2009
Kennel/Owner: Vincent Savill or Tom Taplin
# Races – 81
Racing Weight: averaged 56 pounds
Raced from: April 2011 to March 2012
Raced at: Sanford - Orlando, Florida
Adoption date: July 21, 2012 (from Maine Greyhound Placement Service)
Lady Flame’s best attributes: Lady Flame is a shy, but playful beauty queen. She is a wiggly girl whose life revolves around play, and she lives to play hard with her best buddy, Trouble. The only time she barks is when she is in full play mode. Then, it is no holds barred for our rough and tumble tomboy! When indoors, she loves to play with her squeaky toys. She also enjoys full body rubs. She is a sun goddess who rules the roost, and to know her is to adore her. She is our special girl. All bow to Lady Flame...

Lady Flame’s hobbies: Lady Flame works hard at keeping Toby in line. She growls at him every chance she gets. She is also a champion hedgie destuffer who flings stuffing all over the house. She keeps Drew busy re-stuffing the hedgehog toys with old stuffing and other destuffed toys. She’s actually got a hedgie with 5 legs (one hedgie stuffed into another hedgie.) And, last but not least, Lady Flame works hard at being a goooood girl…

aka Greyson (MGPS kennel name) – aka Kiowa Best Bank (racing name)
Sire: BD’s Grayson
Dam: Kiowa Mon Meeks
Paternal Grandfather: Dodgem By Design
Left Tattoo: 57333 - Right Tattoo: 101H
Color – Light Fawn
Whelp Date: Oct. 19, 2011
Kennel /Owner: Smith Greyhounds, Inc.
# Races: 4 (He lost all of them and retired early at age 1-½ years old due to vision problems. You can't win a race if you have to follow the pack to see where to go;-)
Racing Weight: averaged 79 pounds
Raced from: March 24, 2013 to April 13, 2013 (3 weeks)
Raced at: Sanford - Orlando, Florida
Adoption date: July 27, 2013 (from Maine Greyhound Placement Service)

Toby’s best attributes: Toby is a lover through and through. He is a “pop-up licker” who will jump to lick your face if you aren’t careful. He loves children to the max (and regularly gives them full face cleanings), as well as anyone who pays him the slightest bit of attention. He is an absolute joy to be around as he makes us smile and laugh every day. He is a goofy, uncoordinated mischief maker who might eventually become our heart dog if he works hard enough at it;-)

Toby’s hobbies: Toby is a champion soap eater. There isn’t a bar of soap that he doesn’t find enticing and appetizing (which is a good thing, I think, as he also has a penchant for poop eating!) He is an enthusiastic toilet paper roll un-roller. We find toilet paper trails from the bathroom into the living room. And, he thinks that my wet washcloth and damp bath towel are his for the taking. He drags them into the living room to wash his face and rub his body on. Oh wait, there’s more…Toby’s greatest passion is diving into a snowbank and coming out with a mouthful of snow, repeat, repeat. He will eat snow until he throws up. We have to put a poop guard on his muzzle to keep him from ingesting too much snow. Last, but not least, he works hard at entertaining us day in and day out;-)

aka Coach Income (racing name)
Sire: TNT Star Wars
Dam: ITS Dusty Power
Left Tattoo: 44371 - Right Tattoo: 102D
Color – Red Brindle
Whelp Date: Oct. 6, 2007
Kennel/Owner: Greg Geter
# Races – 135
Racing Weight: 76 pounds
Raced from: May 2009 to August 2011
Raced at: Tri-State Mardi Gras, Charleston, West Virginia
Adoption Date: Sept. 22, 2012 (from Maine Greyhound Placement Service)
Return Date: November 23, 2012 (back to MGPS)
Sent to Greyhound Options, MA: December, 2012 (fostered, then adopted)
Adopted out from Greyhound Options, MA, to his forever home: July 21, 2013

Blaze’s best attributes: Blaze was playful to the max! He and Lady Flame absolutely loved to chase each other around the yard and were great playmates. Blaze had a high prey drive and he was a squirrel watcher extraordinaire. He was a very sweet dog who had the softest coat ever, and we never tired of petting and hugging him.

(Unfortunately, Blaze had some uncontrollable aggressive outbursts, and personal space issues especially when riding in the car with Lady Flame. He needed an experienced dog owner. He did not fit well into our family as it seemed that he needed to be an only dog. We returned him to the kennel 8 weeks after adopting him, and this was one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever had to make. We made a pact that we would not adopt another dog until Blaze was adopted out. We adopted Toby the week after Blaze found his forever home. Thinking about Blaze makes me cry as I will always have a special place in my heart for him.