Sunday, September 16, 2018

Play Date with the half sibs

Beautiful Sugaree and her side-kick Lady Flame
Yay! We had a play date and I actually had a camera in my hand. It was a bit dark in the backyard, so the photos came out a bit blurry, but the pups don't care a hoot about the quality;-)
Trouble and Flame start a high speed chase!
The half-sibs had a good time together, and they didn't waste any time in getting a good game of chase going.
The hounds are getting to be oldie goldie hounds and their runs are short.
Lady Flame is so happy to see her bestie, Trouble.
Lady Flame and Trouble are a blur as they run around the yard.
Flame and Trouble do a quick tear around the yard at lightning speed!
Pretty Flame rests after the run-around...

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