Sunday, June 17, 2018

Play Date with Walter and the Half-Sibs

Here comes Walter! My goodness we love this goofy pup of a pitbull...
He came over for a visit on Sunday (along with our buddy, Rob), accompanied by Billy, Trouble, and Sugaree, and kept everyone entertained!
Walter had more energy than all our hounds combined! He gave Trouble a run for his money;-) All the hounds were muzzled as they get too excited and nippy. Walter, on the other hand, is quite the gentleman all the time.
Then, he enticed Lady Flame to join in the fray!
Walter was like the energizer bunny!
Of course, when you get Flame and Trouble together...they begin to focus their half-sib energy on each other.
And, then they start to fly around the yard.,!
Whoo! The rough-housing starts up with Flame as the instigator... You see Toby barking his two-cents worth into the fray. He had to be on leash, but he did join in the excitement once in awhile...
Then, it was time to cool down...
And, really relax in the shade.
And, snooze away part of the afternoon.
Sugaree decided that the pool was very enticing, but Drew hadn't put any water in it yet! So, she patiently waited for it to be filled up to her liking;-)
Then, she settled in for a long, cool soak. Until...
Trouble descended upon her, and the magical bath moment disappeared, while her goofy brother decided to drink half the bath water!
Ultimately, Trouble won a turn at a soak in the pool.
And, then he became energized...and called for a "meeting of the minds!"
Round two began...and I asked myself, "What's better than a bunch of hounds romping and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon?" I can't think of a thing...except that we all missed Shannon...