Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Purty Pups

Lady Flame yawns from boredom of the photography
I just realized that I haven't photographed the dogs in a couple of months! I was outside photographing some flowers and took a few quick snapshots of the pups.
Lady Flame loves the new warmth of springtime. The air carries the lovely fragrance of the magnolia flowers that fills the backyard.
Flame is most relaxed when she is outdoors. She spends hours chilling out in the backyard.
And, then she gets a burst of energy and excavates her big dig!

Toby is our wide-eyed, sight-challenged wonder. We think he is the sweetest pup to grace the Earth.
Lady Flame is actually starting to initiate play with Toby (after 5 years together.) He got so excited that he raced through the yard and slammed into the magnolia tree. Hence the cut under his eye.

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