Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Popham Beach Pups

Oh my goodness...what a wonderful day we had! With the promise of warm weather, we headed for the beach. Toby is quite the backseat driver and was interested in where we were headed.
Because the fog was heavy, we actually planned our arrival for an hour after low tide in hopes of the fog lifting. There were already around 25 cars parked outside the park entrance (whose gates are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the winter season.)
As you can see, the fog had not lifted and was quite thick. In fact, Fox Island was enclosed in fog and we had no idea where it was!
So, we took some time to gaze out at the ocean. Toby had a tough time navigating (being blind does that to a pup), and he tended to use Lady Flame as a marker post by periodically leaning on her and bumping into her.
Flame was loving the ocean smells and sounds. The coolness of the weather (around 38F) caused her to want to run around on the beach.
Of course, since we haven't practiced any recall with her, she had to be kept on leash. But, that only slowed our pretty princess down a tiny bit. She was jazzed to the max!
Neither Drew nor I have knees that are fully functioning anymore, so we couldn't oblige Flame for very long. But, she had a grand time nonetheless.
After walking along the shore for awhile, we realized that we had no idea where we were. You see, the tide was coming in and it is easy to get cut off from the dune area if you wait too long. So, we reconnoitered inland a bit, over what looked like a windswept, alien landscape to get our bearings before heading toward the fort.
The waves were so pretty, and with this section of beach being narrow we found ourselves in the surf a bit. 
Not wanting to get cut off on this beach, we headed back toward the park. In doing so, we saw Fox Island rising from the fog, sort of... It was almost noon, and the fog was taking it's time to burn off.
Check out all the cars along the road on our way home! We figured that there must have been at least 100 cars outside the gate, and we are so glad that we enjoyed the beach early. By the way, the temp. had risen to about 50F by the time we left the beach. Balmy for sure!

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