Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Blooper Photo Shoot

Lady Flame was not a fan of the wood stairs going from the basement to the main floor.
We went to Billy and Shannon's for a tiny photo shoot to see if we could get any decent photos of our pups in their holiday attire. No-go on the decent photos. Just bloopers to the max!
Flame panted non-stop from nervousness at being asked to pose near the tree.
Lady Flame did not want to get near the tree, nor did she want to walk on the wood floor. She refused to pose near the tree...
Toby almost knocked the tree over when asked to sit near it. Thus, he was kept away from it.
Toby was a treat monster! He went through all the treats in record time;-)
This was the only other pose (besides the first shot) with both pups in it!

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