Friday, December 29, 2017

Come to the Bark Side!

I just had to buy this sweatshirt in honor of Star Wars!
Fur compliments of Toby.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dog Cartoon

I found this on Text From Dog. And, ain't it the truth!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Blooper Photo Shoot

Lady Flame was not a fan of the wood stairs going from the basement to the main floor.
We went to Billy and Shannon's for a tiny photo shoot to see if we could get any decent photos of our pups in their holiday attire. No-go on the decent photos. Just bloopers to the max!
Flame panted non-stop from nervousness at being asked to pose near the tree.
Lady Flame did not want to get near the tree, nor did she want to walk on the wood floor. She refused to pose near the tree...
Toby almost knocked the tree over when asked to sit near it. Thus, he was kept away from it.
Toby was a treat monster! He went through all the treats in record time;-)
This was the only other pose (besides the first shot) with both pups in it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Get Together with Veronica and Pups

Such a fun weekend we had. Veronica, Dennis, and Bettina came over for lunch, gift exchange, and hang-out time. Veronica sported dashing, flashing lights!
All the dogs got dressed up. Lady Flame was sporting her sassy Maine Plaid antlers and jingle bells!
Toby wore his antlers and holiday hat with panache!
Bettina was looking stunning in her regal red bow and antlers!
All the pups were excited for biscuit time and crowded around Auntie Veronica.
Toby got a bit overzealous in wanting more biscuits than anyone else.
But, Bettina won the biscuit eating contest.
She felt that she, being the Queen, should get all the biscuits she wanted and even tried to steal Toby's!
Lady Flame was so excited about the prospect of Auntie Veronica's biscuits that she actually came out of her crate for her share!
Dennis was such a polite boy and gently went over to Drew for his piece of the action! Everyone was full to the brim with good food and good cheer!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

First Snowy Play Date of the winter season

Lady Flame was overjoyed to see her half-sib, Trouble!
We had our first good sized snow storm of the winter season, and our first snowy play date! Yippee!
The half-sibs played with wild abandon. 
It was a no-holds-barred romp, as always.
This trio is extremely paws-on and rough and tumble.
At just a couple of weeks shy of her 11th birthday, Sugaree can still get airborne with ease!
Sugaree was in rare form and was ecstatic to be running around in the snowy weather.
She is one of our favorite greyhound buddies of Lady Flame and Toby.
After the hard play, we retired indoors where Sugaree got the pick of the dog beds. She is soooo pretty...She will be 11 years old on Dec. 22nd!