Sunday, October 29, 2017

Half-Sibs Play Date

The half-sibs came over to play and our pups were thrilled. Lady Flame was so excited that she tried to entice Toby to play with her.
Apparently she was too subtle for our blind, blonde bombshell, as he didn't seem to know exactly where she was!
He was looking off in the wrong direction as often happens when they attempt to play together! Then again, maybe he was interested in what Trouble and Sugaree were doing;-)
Both pups ran over to check out the Trouble action! Toby had to be leashed so the big boys and girls could play (without a blind dog mucking up the works.)
Things start to ramp up immediately as the pups vie for attention from each other.
Good thing they have muzzles on because these pups get so rambunctious!
When Lady Flame and Trouble get together, they forget about everyone else. Sugaree says, "They're nuts! I'm outta here!"
These two hounds are extremely rough and tumble and they are very hands-on as they paw at each other during play.
There is lots of barking, growling and wrestling between soul mates.
They are absolutely like two peas in a pod. You'd think they were twins with their actions.
They love each other to the max! Both dogs are very sensitive pups and this rough play allows them to shed some of their inherent anxiety. They are so much more mellow after play.

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