Sunday, September 3, 2017

Papermill Pals

We joined Trouble and Sugaree (and their family) for a walk on the Papermill Trail today.
There were a couple of guys scoping out the fishability of the river by walking upstream from their boats.
The Sabattus River is so pretty any time of the year.
We veered off the pavement and took a short, forested trail down to the river.
The pups and people all enjoyed themselves as they investigated the river, which was rather "algified" at the moment, as there was so little water.
We also took a trail that cuts across to Mill St. so as to check out the bridge and old mill area.
This will be very pretty, in autumn, as the trees change color. Unfortunately, this is as far as we got on our walk due to Toby probably getting stung by a bee. Poor pup. Drew had to go back to the beginning of the trail to get the car, and then he drove down Mill St. to pick us up. Toby was limping, and then screaming when I tried to find the cause of his ailment. Then, he lay on the ground until his chariot arrived. Greyhounds aren't known for being stoic;-)
Queen Anne's Lace

I think this is in the "Pink" Family of disturbed roadside flowers, but I can't figure out the species.
Pretty leaves changing to a deep red as autumn is just around the corner.

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