Sunday, August 13, 2017

High Speed Hounds in Slow-Mo

Drew worked the camera again, today. The video starts out with Trouble running at normal speed, and then switches to slow-motion so that you can see the elegance and/or goofiness of our high speed hounds. P.S. you might have to wait a few seconds for the video to load.

Just a note: Trouble is the featured hound in this video. He keeps us thoroughly entertained with his clumsy, off-kilter running style. A saying in our yard is, "If Trouble looks like he is going to run into you, then he really is going to bowl you over!" Everyone must stay on guard when the hounds run. More than one of us has been upended by these speedy hounds. Enjoy!

One more note: Billy and Shannon - I think you need to look around for traction shoes for TroublešŸ˜‰ We left out some of the more embarrassing slips and slides that Trouble took as he tried to negotiate turns...

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