Sunday, August 13, 2017

Another exciting play date...

We have had two play dates on consecutive days. Gee, I think this is a record. Trouble, Sugaree, Lady Flame, and Toby have been enjoying each other's company to the max! Most of their time is spent chilling out in the sand, or the pool, with tiny bursts of motion thrown in when the mood strikes.
Awkward! Dig a deep hole then try to lay across it without falling in;-) That's Trouble!

Lady Flame is always on guard in case Toby happens by to step on her.

Sugaree is everybody's sweetheart!

Sigh...nobody is paying attention to me...

Toby has long, long legs...

Oh, what pretty eyes you have, Toby.

Trouble looks for trouble;-)

Blissed out in the pool after a hard run around the yard.

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