Monday, July 31, 2017

Walk on Hix Small Cemetery Road

Gee, it has been a long time since we did anything but walk down our busy/noisy road together. I have been missing the forest so much that Drew indulged me and we drove down Hix Small Cemetery Road for a very short walk with the dogs.
We enjoy walking through the cemetery, and the dogs enjoy sniffing the stones. Toby wanted a treat for being such a good pup and not peeing on everything.
But, we had to decline his royal highness as Lady Flame cannot eat crunchy foods yet (since her dental appt.) Look at Toby's expectant smile. Lady has just about given up as to ever getting a treat again. Poor pup. We just get grossed out with the idea of carrying hot dog pieces in our pockets;-)
But, little miss toothless (she had 5 big teeth extracted) is still pretty as can be.

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