Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rex Specs: Small Steps

We're taking baby steps in getting Toby used to his new safety goggles. Being blind, he could easily poke an eye with a twig while exploring the yard, or on a walk, so it is important that he wears eye protection. He is tolerating the Rex Specs for short periods of time (especially when distracted with treats), but it may take a while for him to wear them on a walk for extended periods of time.


Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

He looks so dashing in his specs! Like he just got out of the sidecar of a touring motorcycle.

Laurie Haines said...

That, he does. But, we just returned the darned things. They kept riding up to just below his eye socket, and he would paw them down to ride straight across his eyes. We still think the visor that attaches to the basket, that is used in Australia, would work best.