Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bowdoin Greyhound Crew

Bille has been compiling photos of the Bowdoin Greyhound Crew as they gradually pose for him. This is such a sweet project showing all of the buddies together as they all live within 16 miles of one another. There are three more pups to add before the project is complete;-) Thanks, Bille! (Photography by Axell Photography)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rex Specs: Small Steps

We're taking baby steps in getting Toby used to his new safety goggles. Being blind, he could easily poke an eye with a twig while exploring the yard, or on a walk, so it is important that he wears eye protection. He is tolerating the Rex Specs for short periods of time (especially when distracted with treats), but it may take a while for him to wear them on a walk for extended periods of time.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Toby got all decked out for Easter! He hopes that all his friends are having a blast chasing bunnies.
Oops, I mean eating Easter eggs...
Our Lady Flame is as pretty as a butterfly fluttering around on Easter day.
Speaking of buddies... Here's Trouble! He is so handsome and sweet.
And, here are Veronica's pups, Dennis and Queen Bettina, in their fancy new harnesses, just in time to celebrate the eating of the eggs!
Photo taken by Veronica.
Finally, Bille and Skyy. It pays to have a buddy who is a professional pet photographer (Axell photography). Thanks, Bille! Your work is superb... And, many thanks to Veronica for bringing all the props! Sadly, Sugaree was too shy to be photographed, but she was with us during the photo session.

Happy Easter, Peeps!