Thursday, March 30, 2017

Little Miss Sunshine

Lady Flame is our sun bunny. She loves catching a few rays on cool, spring days.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Trouble and Sugaree

Lady Flame's half-sibs, Trouble and Sugaree, had a photoshoot over the weekend and Bille Axell shared this photo with us. Don't they look sweet? If you want some nice professional work done, then look no further than Axell Photography!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Whatsa hound to do on a cold winter's day?

Toby is easy to please. At 1pm, the outdoor temp. has climbed to a whopping 16F with a windchill of 6F. Heat Wave!!!!! Toby has decided to lounge on the sofa in front of the wood stove and let it all hang out;-)
He is incredibly relaxed and his lolling tongue is evidence of his laid back attitude.
Close-up...Toby says, "Hi Drew! I'm not planning on moving from this sofa any time soon!"

Colder than heck

Geez... It is colder than heck outside. The windchill over the last couple of days has been in the -13F to -6F range. Of course the pups got me up at 1 am to go outside for a potty break, and I wasn't happy about that! You see, with Toby being practically blind, we have to accompany him on leash for every potty break at night. And, of course, with both pups being poop eaters, we have to scoop the poop as soon as it hits the ground;-) So, I had to get dressed into my long underwear and warm outer clothing, down vest, and heavy coat. Then, I had to dress the dogs in a couple of layers each before we could all go out and trudge around with the wind in our faces and the windchill being -13F. Both dogs did their business rather rapidly, and then Lady Flame got the zoomies and tore around with a big grin on her face before retiring for the rest of the night.