Monday, February 20, 2017

Popham Beach with the hounds

The air temp. was 52F and it was a perfect day to bring the hounds to the beach. We were there with a slew of other Mainers with the same idea!
First, we had to traverse the snow-covered beach to get to the ocean's edge. 
It was a relief to finally reach the sand. You can see horses and dogs in the distance.
ZuZu, the Bernese Mountain pup, was our favorite dog of the day. As you can see,Toby was quite taken with her.
Zuzu seemed fascinated by Toby, although she probably couldn't figure out why he wasn't in play pose. He just couldn't see her! 
She continued to vie for his attention, but to no avail. At least Toby was pleasant with her and did not growl or snap. We got a few good pets in on her and she was the fluffiest dog we have ever touched!
We then walked over to the base of Fox Island where we hung out in a warm, sheltered area for awhile.
From there we roamed the beach in search of Lady Flame's favorite animals... horses! Lady was fascinated by all the horses who shared the beach with us. Her nose was to the ground in their hoof prints from place to place, and her ears perked up upon seeing them in the distance.
It was our obligation to follow them out to the ocean's edge.
We spent a few minutes enjoying the sound of the waves lapping at the shore. 
Eventually, Lady Flame told us that it was time to head for home. She sure is expressive with that tongue of hers! "Phttttt....If I can't eat any horse poop then I want to go home and eat my afternoon carrot!"

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