Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh deer...who is the fairest of them all? Why Toby, of course!

Our big guy is a champion napper. And, he absolutely has to be covered by a blankie in order to sleep soundly. Here he is snoozing away the afternoon!

Hmmm... I said "Fairest of them all"... ummm he does have a new problem that might take him out of that category. Due to Toby's decreasing eyesight, he has become uneasy around dogs that he doesn't know. This is a bummer because he now growls and barks at dogs we meet on the trail, and that is after being introduced to them. So, we now have to tell people that they cannot allow their dogs near Toby as he can be aggressive. But, he is still our sweet snuggle bun;-) 

And, that is a good thing as Flamer has regressed and is a scaredy dog again... Never a dull moment in Greyhound land at our house!