Sunday, December 18, 2016

Play Date Saturday

The "Snow Queen" Lady Flame
The half-sibs had a great play date on this snowy afternoon. Unfortunately, Toby had to be on leash the entire time, and the only exercise he got was in barking at the other dogs. He is "snow-blind" and cannot discern anything in falling snow as the entire landscape looks white to him. So, hence the leash for his safety and that of everyone else. No photos taken of Toby...
Lady Flame is in her element when it snows. She gets so energized!
And, she play-poses constantly in the hopes that somebody will run around the yard with her.
Trouble jumped up and down and said, "Come on girls, let's run!"
It didn't take much coaxing on his part before the girls got the ya-yas, and they tore around the yard.
Of course, tom-boy Lady Flame had to body slam Trouble.
And, Lady got an ear-full from Trouble. Sugaree looked on in wonderment and just kept on running. 
Then, the girls decided that they needed to band together for their own run while Trouble nursed a cold hamstring.
They tore around the track for a few laps.
And, then they made snow angels. Sugaree is the official Snow Angel of the half-sibs.
Snowy Sugaree...
Happy Birthday, Snow Angel! Sugaree will turn 10 years old on Dec. 22nd, whereupon she will be whisked away to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday. This will be our last romp together until after the new year. Sigh...we will be lonely. The weather will turn ugly and icy. No play, of any kind, will happen in the backyard until the weather settles into a truly, cold wintry pattern.

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