Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Sugaree - A Pup Party

Sugaree will be 10 years old on Dec. 22nd, and Shannon decided to celebrate on this snowy Saturday. Sugaree is feeling her age a bit, and after being put on Glucosamine several months ago, she was in fine spirits running around like a puppy today!
Of course, Shannon baked pupcakes to celebrate the event. Sugaree is the daintiest of eaters, and while all the other hounds wolfed their pupcakes down, Sugaree gave me many minutes of photo ops.
Trouble helped celebrate by happily wearing the grinch hat.
Toby hung out, mostly near the counter where the pupcakes were, before joining the rest of the party-goers.
Lady Flame donned the santa hat for awhile.
Soon, it was snooze time for the pups as they'd had a busy day. Going, going, gone...Lady Flame was out like a light dreaming of Christmas biscuits, squirrels, and other delicacies.

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