Thursday, December 29, 2016

Toby and Flame in the snow storm

As the big chunks of snow started falling, both dogs needed to go outdoors for their nightly turnout. 
During snowy, nighttime conditions Toby must be on leash as he cannot discern subtleties in the all white landscape. Even finding the steps is a challenge for our almost blind pup.
Flame, on the other hand, was ready to play and did not want to come inside. I can just read her mind, "If I just stand here and look away, maybe the evil people won't see me and I can play outside all night long!"

Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Christmas blues

Oh boy, the pups seem out of sorts for some reason. They are alternately restless and comatose.
Lady Flame
Of course, every time we open the freezer, they jump up and start pacing. You see, Veronica gifted them with peanut butter treaties wrapped in crinkly paper, which we are keeping in the freezer. Geez.... See the drool on the moose that Flame is resting upon? That is evidence of a post peanut butter treat coma. Our pups generally do not receive this kind of decadence as I am allergic to it;-) Thanks, Veronica, for causing us to be bombarded every time the fridge opens!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

House of the Midnight Potty...aka Sleep Deprivation R Us

Well, Lady Flame is doing great in her crate all night long, but Toby got us up at 2:15 am for a potty session. Aughhhh.... We are going to hold out for this week to see what happens, but we may be putting the door on the other crate and having the entire family in our bedroom at night...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Lady Flame...Crate-Up!

We don't know why we didn't think of it earlier! Last night, after evening turn-out, we crated Lady Flame. She regularly uses both crates, so into the larger crate she went for the night, but this time we locked the door. We got the first full night's sleep in a long time. Whoo... relief... In case you are thinking dog abuse, the crate is next to our bed, so we can hear if she needs anything.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chillin' with Veronica, Dennis, and Bettina

Dennis and Drew begin the bonding process
Wow, what a dog-filled / friend-filled weekend we've had. Fun, fun, fun! Veronica brought her hounds over for lunch, today, and we added in a bit of gift giving.
Dennis looks quite debonair in his new sweater.
Veronica always decks her pups out in the highest fashion!
We haven't been able to spend as much time with Veronica, Dennis, and Bettina as we would like, and hope to remedy this situation;-) 
We think that Toby got on the bed with no knowledge that Bettina was there.
Bettina allowed Toby to lay on the dog bed with her, and never said a word (although we are not sure that Toby actually knew that Bettina was even on the bed;-) If it had been Lady Flame, he would have been warned off. Speaking of Lady Flame, she was banned to her crate as she ramped herself up almost into a lather with growling and snarling at Dennis. She was a very naughty girl.
We enjoyed posing with two of the pups in our matching shirts! Teespring has been featuring greyhound shirts and sweatshirts (brought to my attention by Veronica) and I bought one of each! Of course, Veronica was wearing her shirt decked with Christmas tree lights that blinked on and off in a charming fashion!
After everyone left for home, I let Lady Flame out of her crate, and she got to have first dibs on the new toy that Veronica had given to the pups. She loved hearing the crunchy papery sound along with the squeaker inside. Our poor girl is such a nervous nelly that for some reason she just couldn't handle having Dennis in the house. We might have to muzzle her highness the next time they visit.
Thanks, Veronica!
And, last, but not least, check out our new pup mug! It will hold the new teas that our Colorado friend, Jane, sent to me for my birthday;-) Greyt friends is what life is all about! And, we sure have a Greyt life...

Play Date Saturday

The "Snow Queen" Lady Flame
The half-sibs had a great play date on this snowy afternoon. Unfortunately, Toby had to be on leash the entire time, and the only exercise he got was in barking at the other dogs. He is "snow-blind" and cannot discern anything in falling snow as the entire landscape looks white to him. So, hence the leash for his safety and that of everyone else. No photos taken of Toby...
Lady Flame is in her element when it snows. She gets so energized!
And, she play-poses constantly in the hopes that somebody will run around the yard with her.
Trouble jumped up and down and said, "Come on girls, let's run!"
It didn't take much coaxing on his part before the girls got the ya-yas, and they tore around the yard.
Of course, tom-boy Lady Flame had to body slam Trouble.
And, Lady got an ear-full from Trouble. Sugaree looked on in wonderment and just kept on running. 
Then, the girls decided that they needed to band together for their own run while Trouble nursed a cold hamstring.
They tore around the track for a few laps.
And, then they made snow angels. Sugaree is the official Snow Angel of the half-sibs.
Snowy Sugaree...
Happy Birthday, Snow Angel! Sugaree will turn 10 years old on Dec. 22nd, whereupon she will be whisked away to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday. This will be our last romp together until after the new year. Sigh...we will be lonely. The weather will turn ugly and icy. No play, of any kind, will happen in the backyard until the weather settles into a truly, cold wintry pattern.

Happy 10th Birthday Sugaree - A Pup Party

Sugaree will be 10 years old on Dec. 22nd, and Shannon decided to celebrate on this snowy Saturday. Sugaree is feeling her age a bit, and after being put on Glucosamine several months ago, she was in fine spirits running around like a puppy today!
Of course, Shannon baked pupcakes to celebrate the event. Sugaree is the daintiest of eaters, and while all the other hounds wolfed their pupcakes down, Sugaree gave me many minutes of photo ops.
Trouble helped celebrate by happily wearing the grinch hat.
Toby hung out, mostly near the counter where the pupcakes were, before joining the rest of the party-goers.
Lady Flame donned the santa hat for awhile.
Soon, it was snooze time for the pups as they'd had a busy day. Going, going, gone...Lady Flame was out like a light dreaming of Christmas biscuits, squirrels, and other delicacies.