Saturday, November 12, 2016

Play Date Saturday- It's all about Trouble

Click on the photo set to see Trouble's contortions up close and personal!
Play dates are happening fast and furious around here, and the pups are so happy! Especially Lady Flame and Trouble;-) Okay, mostly Trouble. We keep wondering why Trouble gets injured so often, and this sequence of photos shows why...Geez, Trouble! We've never seen a dog contort his body so much during one tiny part of a play date!
Click on the photo set for a larger view.
Here is the dynamic duo in a chase routine. It is hard to keep up with them as they tour the yard at full speed!
Then, in a "calmer moment", Trouble practices his new ballet moves and jumps directly in front of Toby.
Toby keeps walking (he probably doesn't see any of what is occurring), but Trouble blocks his path as he lands his ballet leap of joy.
Toby gets stuck between the dynamic duo who are oblivious to all but each other.
The dynamic duo growl and bark at each other over Toby's back.
Trouble, up close and a quiet moment before more pandemonium occurs.
And, finally...Sugaree. "Sugs, how did you get all that sand on your back?" Oh yes, Trouble had to expend even more energy by frantically digging a hole in the sand, which went flying on top of Sugaree who was trying to nap. 

I find it interesting that Shannon is always telling me of how calm and lovey dovey Trouble is inside their home. Huh...I just don't see it myself;-) Rarely have I seen our favorite hound in anything but practically-frantic-mode. He makes us laugh constantly, and we love him dearly.

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