Saturday, October 8, 2016

Popham Beach Greyhound Meet-up

We had a wonderful Greyhound Meet-up at Popham Beach. This video is dedicated to Sheila, the energizer bunny of the Meet-Up, as she frolicked with the pups in the surf! Kristin also braved the water for a quick foray into the surf with Herschel and Skyy;-) Fun, fun, fun! The video ends with a "Happy Birthday Howl-Out" to Bettina!

Present were the following Greyhounds and their people:
  • Freedom, Valor, and Honor who brought Jeremy and Drena.
  • Herschel who brought Kristin.
  • Stari, Love, and Melissa who brought Carol.
  • Bettina and Dennis who brought Veronica.
  • Skyy who brought Bille, Sheila, and Kent.
  • Lady Flame and Toby who brought Drew and Laurie.
This adds up to 12 hounds and 10 humans.

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