Monday, October 10, 2016

Papermill Trail

The trail is beginning to get colorful!
Wowee, it is one cool and blustery day outside (the temp. is in the mid-50s with a 14 mph wind.) We decided to celebrate Columbus Day by going for a walk along the Papermill Trail. There were lots of other like-minded people out there with us, and the trail was one busy place;-)
We were pleased to see some nice color along the trail.
The riverbank has a ways to go before peak color occurs, but there were some patches of brilliance. I peaked over this boulder to see some colorful trees across the Androscoggin River.
It was certainly a challenge photographing Drew and the hounds, due to the harshness of the light and uneven shady spots all along the trail. 
Purty Lady Flame
But, at least it was colorful. We'll try again later in the week and hope for a cloudy day with more even lighting;-)

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