Thursday, October 13, 2016

Papermill Trail Walk to capture autumn colors

(Click on any photo for a larger view.)
We took another walk down Papermill Trail to try and capture some stunning autumn colors. There was the threat of rainfall, so our walk was cut short. And, the dark sky, along with the lateness of the day, made it difficult to capture nice, clean shots. I had hoped to get photos worthy of a calendar, but was not very successful. The photos are incredibly grainy as I had to shoot at a minimum of ISO 500, and then had to pump the ISO up to 1000.
The pups did sort of pose on the rock for me. Lady Flame has learned to avert her head while I photograph her (thanks to Bettina, for teaching Flame this trick to frustrate any well meaning photographer;-) 
Drew took the pups to the edge of water. What a beautiful backdrop!
Toby is incredibly photogenic. He is our star model for autumn.
See what I mean about Lady Flame avoiding the camera? She is such a spoil sport. Getting long schnoz shots is always fun! At least Toby can't see me, so he cooperates just fine, thank you very much;-)
But, Drew did catch Flame unaware for a microsecond!
Why the long face, Toby? Is it time to go home? Our biggie boy is so expressive.
Back home we go! We ended up getting a bit damp on the way back, but had a great time. The dogs were so pooped after having been on two walks today;-)

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