Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Hound-O-Ween!

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Wowee! The biggest day of the year for our Greyhound buddies has arrived! 
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Large Photo: Drena and Jeremy with their super pups Honor, Valor, Freedom
Upper Right: Veronica with her Team Unicorn - Bettina and Dennis
Middle Right: Billy and Shannon with the debonaire duo of Trouble and Sugaree
Bottom Right: Carol with her super hip trio of Melissa, Stari, and Love
Bottom Center: Pat and Rick with Elvis and his groupies: Flash, Gabby, and Jester
Bottom Left: Bille and the beautifully fashionable Skyy.
Hound-O-Ween was celebrated in big fashion, as all the greytest hound models in the fashion industry showed up to have their portraits taken. Our feature models are the newest members of our Hound-O-Ween gathering.
Umm... all I can say is that it is a good thing this group doesn't drink!
Oh yes...I almost are the goofy duo of Laurie and Drew with their equally goofy pups, Lady Flame and Toby.
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Ahh...that's better! Even though this group didn't walk the runway, they still represented the greyhound species suitably well for Hound-O-Ween. 
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to get divas to pose? Well your questions should be answered by the photo series of Team Unicorn. It sure is a challenge to get everyone looking in the same direction!
"Phtttt"...says Trouble. "Let's go play some more!"
And, then there's Trouble. He said, "Enough already with the photography. I just want to run wild, run free, and bark!"

I don't know about everyone else's pups, but ours seem to be a bit over tired and restless tonight. I don't know how much sleep we are going to get with all this sleep-yipping and sleep-growling, and sleep-barking going on!
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Enough sleep already! Drew found a group picture that I took that actually had Flash in it (he was hiding in the official group photo, and Toby's face was showing (he was looking at Shannon in the official group photo.)

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