Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beach Meet-Up with a few Hounds

Bille sets up to do some still shots of the hounds at the water's edge.
(Click on any photo for a larger view.)
On this cool, cloudy, and drizzly day - the first of October - we met up with some of our hound buddies for a walk on the beach. We figured that any day on the beach was better than hanging out indoors.
Cola (in jammies), Toby, Skyy, and Lady Flame
With hounds and cameras in hand, we traversed Popham Beach.
Cola in her giraffe-print jammies is oh, so elegant.
There's nothing prettier than a Greyhound with the ocean as a backdrop.
And, a hound in jammies is irresistible!
Davon, Wade, and Cola are the newest members of our hound play-date family.
Cola belongs to Wade, who brought Davon to his first hound gathering.
Drew and Toby took a walk along the shoreline. It was high tide, and the wind was kicking up a few waves!
Lady Flame was her usual gorgeous self as she posed by the water's edge. I am awaiting a wider angle lens so that I can capture all of our beauty queen when holding onto her leash. The lens will arrive before our next beach walk;-)
Skyy was decked out in a beautiful scarf with floral accents. She was ready in case any paparazzi came by.
We ended up walking toward the far end of the state park, toward the fort. 
Skyy, Kent, Sheila, Davon, Bille, Wade, Cola
We are hoping for a larger crowd at our next beach day.
Lady Flame posed nicely within the logs of the lean-to, although she
wasn't very animated
We came across a large lean-to which made for some nice photos.
Skyy, the diva, looking ever so nice in her floral scarf.
Skyy was such a happy camper (she always is) as she loves posing for anyone who points a camera her way. She is such a diva!
Toby was his usual laid-back, casual self, and showed everybody up by sitting proudly on command;-)
Cola wasn't at all sure about the propriety of hanging out alone at the lean-to.
While we were photographing the hounds, JJ came over for a visit. He wanted to be a part of our exclusive beach party. He was incredibly debonaire.
We walked a short distance further until Toby reminded us that it was a bit uncomfortable out, and that we should head for home. He is such a good communicator.
Speaking of communication...Can you guess what thought Skyy is trying to transmit to Lady Flame? Lady tried her best, but couldn't decipher the message. I'm thinking it was probably, "Why can't you pack your own poop bags like I do?"
C'mon Dad, it smells sooo bad...
And, Cola wasn't too happy with Wade when he made her pack out her poop. He tried to reason with her as the park signs say to pick up the poop and dispose of it in the proper receptacle.

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