Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Trouble with Birthdays...

Happy Birthday, Trouble!
Trouble turned 8 years old on Friday.
Note the string of drool in anticipation of his
birthday pupcake!

Trouble doesn't act like an 8 year old pup
as he is as exuberant as always!
Trouble celebrated with his bestest buddies in the whole wide world;-)
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Toby was eager to celebrate Trouble's birthday due to the promise of pupcakes. Toby figured that since he was the biggest dog, he should have the first pupcake (and he demonstrated how good he could "sit" on command before pestering Billy.) Then, he decided that he should also have the last pupcake in the pan. But, he was not successful in that endeavor.
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
Sugaree just did not know what all the fuss was about. "Geez...what's the big deal? So my troublesome brother is having a birthday! Phttttt! But, I cannot resist this yummy pupcake with lickable frosting!"
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
Of course, Lady Flame was "thrilled" to participate in Trouble's birthday celebration! She immediately staked out the couch as her territory and defended it against all intruders. But, when the pupcakes were served, she hopped right up and joined the crowd, although she did look a bit worried. The, she grabbed the pupcake and made a dash back to the couch whereupon she ceased worrying about her petite figure and chowed down!
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
Yummmy... Shannon baked the best pupcakes, and there wasn't a crumb left after all the enthusiastic munching and lip smacking! Of course, it looks like we'll have to do a bit of laundry and carpet cleanup! The pups are worth the "trouble"...

We'll have to do this again soon! Hmmm...Toby's birthday is coming up in October;-)

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