Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Topsham Powerline ATV Trail

Drew found a new trail for us to walk, and the dogs seem to enjoy it. Drew has taken them out there several times, and he took me along this morning. The dogs did great and kept moving the entire time (80 minutes.) No sit-down strikes! Yay!
The trail follows the power line, and we picked it up at a church parking lot on Roman Rd., in Topsham.
There are lots of great smells yielding tons of "important" information for the dogs.
The trail goes over a small drainage creek and up a slight rise. 
Toby successfully walked over a small bridge, which made him a bit nervous, but he did it! Having limited sight is a detriment in this case.
We followed the trail until we were faced with a slope that my knees could not handle, whereupon we then went into the woods and walked along a dirt trail out to Rt. 24.
There are also some interesting animals to keep the pups entertained. Toby tends to sense things that we cannot see, and he started barking at the wooded area.
Then, there is an alpaca farm near the beginning of the route. The alpacas aren't used to us yet, and we think a male gave out the warning calls to his harem;-) It sounded like birds chirping! Ummm...I think I want to raise alpacas as they seem like the sweetest of animals! I am in love...
Toby finally decided that it was getting way too hot to walk, so after
this rest, we headed for home.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dennis' first Bowdoin Greyhounds play date!

Toby welcomes Dennis to our play yard.
(Click on any photo for a larger view.)
Dennis D Menace!
Every new dog must roam the yard and check out the boundaries.
Bettina shows Dennis where the cool kids lay in the dirt!

Playtime is a bit rough and tumble

Hey Dennis, here is how we play! (Click on any photo for a larger view.)
The hounds show Dennis how to body slam.
Dennis is initiated into the rough play of the hounds.
Bettina doesn't like the rough play so she runs by herself.

Dennis tries out the swimming pool

Skyy cools off in the pool after romping around.
Then, Sugaree takes her turn.
Toby shows Dennis how to step into the pool.
Dennis gets brave and tries it himself! Yay, Dennis!
Hey Mumma, check out how I splish splash in the pool!
(Click on the photo set for a larger view. Dennis is soooo cute!)

One more run around, then it's nap time

The pups are energized after all that pool time!
(Click on any photo for a larger view.)
Look out! Here comes Trouble;-)
Trouble and Dennis cool their feet in the pool.
Skyy relaxes in the dirt.
Synchronous napping position between Toby and Skyy.

Dennis meets the Bowdoin Greyhounds

We had several of Lady Flame and Toby's buddies over for a play date. We were thrilled because this was the first time that Veronica's newish pup, Dennis D-Menace, was over to play in our yard! Next, we'll have to have Pat and Rick's pups (with their newish pup, Flash) over to play, after I get back from Florida!

Mr. Naughty...The Master of Mischief

Toby, the Master of Mischief...
Sooo... what's a dog to do when he is inside by himself, and everybody else is outside playing? Why, get into a wee bit of trouble, that's what! Doesn't Toby look so proud of his accomplishment? Naughty Puppy....