Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walter's Play Date - Walter and Toby

Toby and Walter meet and greet each other.
Walter and Toby became fast friends today. They were fascinated by each other and actually did very well together, which is amazing as most dogs do not get along with Tunnel-Vision Toby. It was so nice to see Toby having some fun for a change.
Walter says, "Come on, Toby, what are you waiting for? Let's play!"
They followed each other around, and around, and around, while Walter did play pose...
Walter: "Toby, will you chase me already!"
after play pose...
Walter: "Toby, quit gawking at me and play!"
Until, Toby finally got the hint.
Walter: "Alright, big fella, let's rumble!"
Toby realized that somebody actually wanted to play with him!
Whooooo Hoooo!

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