Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toby, the Screaming Greyhound

This afternoon, we arrived home from school and found a pile of chewed up papers on the floor, at the bottom of the stairs. Then, we found a small shard of a mechanical pencil as well. Hmmm... Toby had eaten my Yellow-throated Warbler guest book that had been put on a counter, along with the pencil.

Drew took him to the vet, for a 5:30 pm appointment, where Toby was given a shot to make him throw up. Luckily, the appt. was at the end of the day because Toby screamed bloody murder as the shot was administered. The vet tech used a slim syringe to try to minimize the pain, but it took too long to get the fluid into Toby. So, then the vet tech tried a thicker diameter syringe to get the fluid in faster, but Toby screamed even more. Geez....at least all other clients were already gone as this was going on.

When all was said and done, Toby threw up the majority of the composition book and the pencil pieces. Then, he didn't want to leave the vet office because they gave him biscuits. Aughhhh!

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