Friday, February 26, 2016

Leary Lady Flame

Well, I have been on crutches since Tuesday, and this has thrown Lady Flame into a tizzy. She truly thinks that the crutches are out to get her. I have only gotten in one fleeting pet as she raced past me last night, and other than that she flees to her crate as I move around the house. 

Why am I using crutches? Would you believe that I was injured in a kick-boxing tournament? No? Ummm...Would you believe that I was injured in an indoor badminton match? Really, no? Ummm... Would you believe that a cutting board threw itself out of the drainboard and landed square on my foot, breaking my second toe? Oh, sure you would...and that is what really happened... Luckily, I think that I will be able to stow the crutches away this weekend.

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