Saturday, October 24, 2015

Toby's vet visit - aka The Horker strikes again

Toby waits for the vet to see him.
Well, I was awakened to the Horker hacking up bile again at 4:30 am. We decided to take Toby to the vet to see if they could figure out if the plastic bag (containing quinoa muffins) that he ate last week was still in his stomach. The vet suggested an x-ray (which seemed pointless because plastic does not show up on x-rays), yet we agreed to have it done. The vet saw a tiny anomaly in the x-ray (which may not have been anything), and she decided to induce Toby to vomit. Low, and behold, up came three decent sized shards of hard plastic (all with pointy edges.) Ummm... that is not what we were expecting to arise from The Horker's stomach. I immediately thought that it was from the Feta cheese container that Toby ate last year, but Drew pointed out that the plastic has a reddish tint to it, and that it must have come from something else that Toby has ingested. Geeezzzzzzz.... How much plastic is in our pup's gut? And, now we have to be on watch to see if he has symptoms of an impacted gut (not wanting to eat or drink and not passing stool) in case the offending plastic bag plugs up the works further down the line.
Lady taunts Toby with an imitation of his horking motion.
So far, so good. As soon as we arrived home from the vet, Toby enticed Lady Flame to race around the yard. Our big guy was feeling much better, thank you very much. Then, he slept for the rest of the day as there was a sedative in the medication used to make him vomit. We have to give him pepcid ac for the next two weeks to sooth his irritated stomach. Hopefully, he is done throwing up...
A little meet-and-greet at the vet office
All was not a loss as far as going to the vet was concerned. We got to meet some cute pups while we were waiting for Toby's appointment.
There was a Great Pyrenees (who lived up to its breed's reputation by weighing in at 140 pounds (almost 2x as much as Toby weighs;-) This pup was as friendly as could be. We also enjoyed a terrier-lab mix who looked a lot like a wire-haired pointer, and who reminded us of our first dog, Kasha.