Sunday, October 11, 2015

Toby (6/6)

Toby is our current heart dog. He is super sweet, clumsy, stubborn, a total goofball, and is almost blind. 
He gets along with all dogs, but most dogs don't tolerate him very well because he just plain cannot see them when he bumps into them and steps on them. 
He doesn't have many manners (our fault), and he mounts dogs when they are least expecting it. He is a total pain in the rear end at most play dates.
But, when playing with Skyy, she actually seems to kinda, sorta like him, although we never let those two play sans muzzles due to the ummm...mounting thing...ummm...Skyy does get rather annoyed...
Lady Flame has very little tolerance for Toby, and tries to show him who's boss on a daily basis, even during play dates. Toby's reaction to this is, "Blahhh, What Ever, Dude...."