Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hound-o-ween Party

Laurie, Toby, and Lady Flame
Special thanks to Auntie Pat for her fancy Hound-o-ween hat creations.

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Drew and I hosted a Hound-o-ween Party for our Greyhound friends. We basically hung out, let the hounds run around, took portraits, ate great food, and had greyt fellowship. (Thanks, Veronica for coining the term, "Hound-o-ween.")
Cast of Characters: Love, Toby, Sugaree, Lady Flame, Skyy, Bettina
Blue, Trouble, Gabby, Jester, Melissa, and Stari
First, the running around! With 12 pups all together in the backyard, we need to let them get accustomed to each other. Some had never met before. We always muzzle the hounds in case they get too rambunctious. Greyhounds have very little body fat and very thin skin, so any small nick can lead to large skin tears.
Then, the milling around with costumes. The hounds looked greyt!
Upper Left-Veronica with Taco and Hot Dog
Upper Center -Jedi Bille with The Red Squadron Leader
Upper Right - Shannon & Billy with The Viking and his Hound-o-queen
Bottom Left - Rick & Pat with Antony & Cleopatra
Bottom Right - Carol with Eric the Red, Her Royal Highness & Princess Love
Here are the portraits that we took of our Greyt friends in their Hound-o-ween attire.
Finally, we communed in the basement for munchies, chatting, and snoozing. 
All the pups were exhausted from the day's excitement. Toby slept the night away with his new squeaky toy (thanks, Auntie Veronica).

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