Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Early morning excitement from "Hork" The Wonder Dog think you can sleep all night long? Well, don't come to our house, because you will experience sleepus-interruptus on a regular basis.

This morning, I was awakened by "HORK" The Wonder Dog. Drew had just caught Toby in the act of throwing up part of the plastic bag, that had been filled with quinoa balls, that I had mistakenly put on a counter during Sunday's play date. Well, Toby threw up twice this morning. The first hurl was cleverly caught by Drew as he swiftly held a bowl under Toby's mouth. The second hurl was on the kitchen floor (after Drew had dragged Toby in that direction as he was making suspicious "Horking" sounds. Toby was in the process of re-chewing the plastic in his mouth, so Drew reached in and pulled it out. It was the zipper portion of the ziplock bag.

Now, we know the origin of all the mysterious light brown stains on our carpet. We'll bet that the dogs have been throwing up regularly and then licking it up. Our pups don't waste any food, vomit or otherwise! GROSS!!!