Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bettina...Princess Extraordinaire (4/6)

Thanks for being my pillow, Skyy... I need to be adored by Drew!
Ahhh...Bettina... It's difficult being the "sister" of Blue (he who everyone adores.) She strives for attention, attention, attention...and the princess gets it, wherever and whenever she can;-)
The princess' 7th birthday was Oct. 8th and she is still celebrating!
Veronica "worships" her sweet princess! Why? Because it has been decreed, silly! (And, truthfully, what's not to love???)
Bettina is the first to get a cookie, and it is the biggest, Duh!
When it comes to treats, look who gets the biggest cookie of them all! Why, Princess Bettina, of course;-)
Oooohhh...Thanks for giving me an ear rub, Bille! Being a princess is hard work and I need some TLC every few minutes...