Monday, August 24, 2015

They've got those Dodgem Eyes

Lady Flame and Toby both have beautiful eyes with lovely black eyeliner. They've got those distinctive Dodgem By Design eyes...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Play Date with Blue & Bettina

Bettina, Blue, Lady Flame, & Toby (Click on the photo set for larger view.)
We finally got over to Veronica's house for a visit with Bettina and Blue (and Veronica too!) It has been about 7 months since we have seen each other (and we only live a few miles apart.) Sad...We need to do better than that;-)
Bettina and Blue (Click on the photo set for larger view.)
The pups did not run around at all, but we figured that it was good for them to socialize nonetheless. Our pups have not seen any other greyhounds all summer long, so it was nice for them to know that Greyhounds do still exist!
Blue and Drew - Best Buddies (Click on the photo set for larger view.)
Of course, Blue who is almost 12 years old, was in fine form and was happy to see us. We think he remembered us, as did Bettina. It was nice to have them lean on us for some major petting sessions.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

None Shall Pass
Lady Flame was an only dog in May of 2013, two months before Toby's adoption. Here she stands guard on the Swinging Bridge between Brunswick and Topsham. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A sibling sister of Toby - Kiowa Best Blue

Kiowa Best  Blue (Click on image for a larger view.)
Oh my goodness. I was browsing The League of Extraordinary Greyhounds facebook page and saw a hound named Kiowa Best Blue (aka Gladys). She is one of Toby's siblings, and is up for adoption in Quebec! Check her out. Her last race was a year ago. Who knows where she's been since then. She is gorgeous! Here she is on the Greyhound Pedigree page. (And, in case you are, we are not in the market to adopt any more greyhounds;-)
And, her racing history is a bit better than Toby's with 55 races (of which she won 5.) This shot is of her last season which was less than stellar.
(Click on the photo for a larger view.)
By the way, here are Toby's race results. Those of a visually challenged (almost blind) dog! He ran 4 races and lost them all.

That's not a Greyhound...That's Zoe!

(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
We did another shake-down trial with our new Pond Prowler boat this morning, and neighbor dog, Zoe, decided to join us. She is 10 years old now, and has some arthritis, but it doesn't slow her down much. It was fun having a pup in the water with us again as our Greyhounds don't much like getting their paws wet;-) They were lounging in the backyard while we were out boating.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Not Chewing, Just Snoozing

Not chewing, just snoozing.

Like a puppy, Toby still "konks out" sometimes. He dozed with a Nylabone in his mouth for at least 20 minutes. And yes, Greyhounds often sleep with their eyes open! (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Not so far back in time (January 28th 2015), but very different from our current August weather!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday to Trouble

Photos by Axell Photography

Happy 7th Birthday, Trouble Buddy!
We miss you...Arf...Arf...Slobber...Slobber...

P.S. Lady Flame says, "Goober...I can't wait until you come home to play! I love you;-)"

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Popham Beach walk with the hounds

Laurie and Lady Flame enjoy the beach.
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
We were in need of an adventure as the hounds have had a boring summer (due to their besties being in Pennsylvania, and to it being just too darned hot for their other buddies to come over to play.) So, off to Popham Beach we went!
Drew and Toby were loving the waves.
Walking in the cold water kept them from panting too hard!
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
We had to go early in the day as Lady Flame and I are very sensitive to heat. The starting temp. was around 65F and we walked the beach for 80 minutes. By the time we reached the car to go home, we were all panting from the heat as it had risen to at least 75F. Drew and I were both overdressed for this temperature.
Toby and Lady Flame enjoyed getting lots of attention.
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
The pups had a blast. They were beloved by lots of kids and adults as we traversed the sandy terrain. We dipped our feet into the water, walked through some tiny waves, and sniffed the salt ladened air with joy. 
Happy Flame!
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
Ahhh...the beach gave us so many sensory pleasures, and the pups are worn out to the max! The first thing they did when we returned to the fort was to lounge in the shade for awhile. We all had big smiles on our faces all morning long.
Happy Toby
(Click on the photo set for a larger view.)
(P.S. We dedicate this post to Shannon who loves the beach to the max, but is dry docked for the summer;-)

Drew and Toby surf walk (Animated Gif)

Toby would stop panting, from the heat, after each walk that he and Drew took through the chilly surf. But, we also bring fresh water for the pups to drink as well. Luckily, they have no interest in sampling the salt water like our GSP, Kasha, did.