Saturday, June 13, 2015

Big dog welcome at the Portland Jetport

I just have to tell you about my big welcome home, by a dog at the Portland Jetport, on June 8th.

I was at the top of the escalator, that goes down to the baggage claim area, when I saw a man with his standard poodle standing near the bottom of the escalator. They were clearly waiting for someone to arrive. The poodle made eye contact with me and I smiled widely. I kept my eye on the poodle as I descended the escalator. As I reached the bottom, the poodle got excited. The man said, "She's been waiting for you!" So, I went over and gave the poodle a big welcome, much to the amusement to some bystanders (whom I think were also family members.) The dog gave me kisses, I asked her to sit, and she did. I complimented her and gave her a big hug. I thanked the man for the big welcome, and went on my way to baggage claim. Fun!