Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Starbird Corner Walk" or "Toby the Cat Fancier"

Drew and Toby walk down Starbird Corner Rd.
We invited Shannon and the pups to go for a walk with us down Starbird Corner this afternoon. The outdoor temp. was a chilly 60F under a cloudy sky. The blackflies were out and biting, thus we wore our headnets. Trouble, Sugaree, Toby and Lady Flame needed the outing and seemed to enjoy the walk.

Shannon, Trouble and Sugaree

What not to do when you own Greyhounds;-)
As we passed a house that is owned by two Siamese cats, we spied the lighter colored one. Drew decided to entice the cat to come over for a visit because Toby has never actually seen a cat before. We figured our big guy didn't have  much prey drive, and were surprised to find that he is quite the cat fancier!

Toby got a bit too excited!

This cat was one brave kitty. He stood his ground and settled back down onto the road as soon as we passed by.

On the way back down the street, Lady Flame spied the cat again, and you can see it through her perked up ears. She is a known cat fancier... Yummm dinner! (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

Lady Flame is always on the lookout for this cat.
She is a connoisseur of felis domesticus...