Sunday, May 31, 2015

For the love of dogs...and sister Jane

My sister's memorial is coming up on June 7th, 2015, and I got to thinking about Jane and her relationship with dogs. She and I have both been fearful of dogs since we were young pups ourselves. I think the fear came from a dog pack that used to roam the streets of our community in our early years. I tried to overcome my fear by dog-sitting as often as I could, but there was always a remnant of fear, even after all these years. Jane never got over that fear, although she came to love all the dogs that Drew and I have adopted. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

Jane and Aaron meet Kasha in Colorado
Jane and Kasha (our first adopted dog) had a special bond, and Jane was a wonderful aunt. She truly loved Kasha and I think her visits to us were as much about Kasha as they were about us. Kasha was the first dog that Jane had ever bonded with.

Jane and Aaron relax to the max with Kasha
Kasha, in turn, adored Jane and our nephew, Aaron, and looked forward to playing ball and chillaxing with them at every chance she got. She was still a puppy when she first met them.

Jane and Kasha at Caesar Pond on a
particularly cold and windy autumn day.

As Kasha aged, she slowed down more, which suited Jane as she was always nervous around high energy dogs. She preferred cuddly pups. She and Kasha would play ball, walk in the woods, and play in the snow.
Jane entices 14.5 year old Kasha
with a dog biscuit necklace.

Jane walks Lady Flame. This was the
first time Jane had ever walked a
dog on leash all by herself!
After Kasha crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, we adopted Greyhounds. When Jane first met Lady Flame, she was a bit overwhelmed by her size as Lady was a bit taller than our petite Kdog. But, Lady Flame walked well on leash, and Jane was quite proud of herself when out and about with Lady. It helped that Lady Flame is such a reserved and quiet dog.  

Jane and Aaron meet Bettina and Blue
Jane even came to enjoy hanging out with other Greyhounds, like Blue and Bettina. She, hubby David, and Aaron visited over the Christmas holiday, several years ago, and got to bond with these special pups during one of our many play dates.

Jane and David watch as Aaron bonds with Blue
Jane found Blue to be an
incredible gentleman.
For Jane to be comfortable with all the hounds running amuck, in the yard, was simply amazing. Jane came to adore Bettina and Blue, who are both wonderful Greyhound ambassadors. Their love of people, and the way they lean on you when they trust you, helped to put Jane at ease. 

Jane and Toby bond

Then, Toby came into our lives. Jane absolutely adored Toby, but who doesn't! He is a big, lovable pup who likes nothing better than to snuggle, and snuggle, and snuggle. They became fast friends, and I absolutely loved seeing them together...
Toby was fascinated by the sounds
emanating from the French horn.
For Jane to feel comfortable around such a large dog was quite an accomplishment. I know that the pups are going to miss seeing Jane, and will wonder where she is when David and Aaron visit over the coming years...
Jane and Toby relax on New Year's Day.
This is the last photo I took of Jane,
with her beloved Toby, just a mere
 4 months before she
succumbed to cancer.