Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Dog Days of Florida

I just returned from Florida, and upon viewing my photos, I found that most of them were of dogs (with a few cats thrown in for good measure;-)

Day 1 consisted of communing with Maura (my cousin's pound pup who is part GSP and part lab, I believe.)
Maura on her pool deck
Maura is a gorgeous, black 10 year old pup who did not like the camera. She would turn her head so she couldn't see me photographing her, or she would turn tail and walk away.

Maura wonders who will give her a biscuit next.
I had attempted to photograph Maura last Thanksgiving, but to no avail. This trip yielded better results.

Maura is a wanderer who slips out of the confines of the house at every chance she gets to go walk-about. She is also a great watch dog who alerts the family of any passerby, be they cats, dogs, or people.

Why, Aunt Phyllis, of course!

And, then there's my mother's best buddy, Rocco. He is absolutely adorable, super sweet, and playful. I just couldn't stop photographing him. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

Rocco rests after chasing dragonflies all over the yard.

Ahhh...there's nothing more refreshing than the pool.
Happy pup getting recharged for more play

Hmmm...shall I chase squirrels or dragonflies after cooling off?