Thursday, April 23, 2015

Florida Visit - Day Five - Travis the Wonder Dog

Ahhhh...there is nothing like a lovable springer spaniel to brighten up your day.
Mom and Travis are great buddies!
Our friend, Beverly, brought her new pup, Travis, over for a visit.

Travis is a rescue dog from Alabama, I believe. He was found wandering the streets and needed a good home, and Beverly and Jim were looking for a pup to give some lovin' to. They hit it off immediately.

Travis is a joy, and he settled in immediately. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him. Who wouldn't? Just look as his smile! I sure know that I couldn't get enough of him, and Mom loves him too. I spent way too little time with Travis because I had to zoom off to meet more animals! Who knew that my Florida trip would be filled with so many new furry friends;-)  (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

Travis is so affectionate...
I do miss being around lovey dovey dogs...
That is part of the greyhound personality that is missing...
at least with our hounds. But, I love them all the same.