Saturday, January 5, 2019

1st Half-Sib Play Date of 2019!

It was a nice warm day for a play date with the temp. above freezing. The snow was somewhat sticky, but not slippery. Our somewhat geriatric crew had a good time.
After a bit of running around...
and Trouble getting on Toby's case (and being gently corrected by Drew)...
the pups settled down.
The day then became mostly about Sugaree who has really been blossoming now that she is taking a puppy pain reliever. She is enjoying the snow to the fullest as it cushions her feet.
She loves cold weather and spent a lot of time just lying around.
As our neighborhood elder hound, at 12 years old, she gets so much joy from snow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

We took a walk to visit with one of our favorite pups, Lexie! The pups do like visiting with her, and Lady Flame would love a play date.
Lexie is a small German Shepherd who enjoys visitors. This time, she tried to hop into the car when we arrived.
She is one sweet dog and Drew has known her since she was a puppy. This was my first meeting with her. Drew grew up with German Shepherds and loves them.
After hanging with Lexie, we took a walk down her road just to get a bit of exercise in. I love this photo of Drew and Toby. They are such good buddies.
Lady Flame kept looking back as there was a couple with a dog behind us. Note her perked up ears! She loves meeting people and dogs.
Then, we headed for home. Toby likes to think of himself as the protector of our yard, and I can just imagine a wolf or coyote howling with laughter at our boy in his jammies, strutting his stuff around the perimeter!
Lady Flame just loves her yard. She spends a lot of time relaxing outdoors.
She loves to roll around and get tummy rubs as often as possible!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Pre-Christmas Walk on Papermill Trail

We celebrated vacation time by doing a family walk on Papermill Trail today. It was so cold and we just weren't prepared for the windchill. But, it was pretty nonetheless.
I just couldn't resist taking a shadow photo of Flame and I!
The Sabattus River was flowing as it has been near to above freezing during the day.
We only walked 1.4 miles round trip, and that was enough for us and the pups.
We decided to head for home and warm up with some delicious hot cocoa!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Time Get-Together

Dennis is quite the "in your face" kind of pup! He bowls you over with lovin'!
We got together with our buddies, Veronica, Bettina, and Dennis today.
Bettina got a much needed hug from her buddy, Drew.
We hadn't seen each other in a year, and Bettina needed a hug from one of her male admirers! 
Dennis was also in need of his male bonding time.
Lady Flame said, "Whatever...dudes." At least she stayed put on the couch during the entire visit, which is nothing short of a miracle!
My guys!
Toby was also rather "chill" about the visitation. But, he did well and there were no altercations due to his not being able to see anybody!
Veronica came all decked out with her festive flashing lights!
Bettina needed constant reassurance that she was still Veronica's favorite dog!
Dennis the Menace, or Devil Dog? Take your pick. Ha! Actually, this is Dennis in full yawn mode;-)
And, here is Dennis in cutie patootie mode. He is so lovable...
Toby looked quite dashing in his new hat! And, he loves his new toy!
Lady Flame got a new petite hat to fit her petite head! She loves her new "Fleece Navidog" slipper stuffed with paper. I had to nix her wanting to take it outside when going for her nightly potty break!

Thanks for everything, Veronica! Let's get together before another year passes us by!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Blue on Blue...

Just thinking about Royal Blue Jay today as it would have been his 15th birthday. Years ago, Drew created this stylized image of Blue and it is so beautiful. The song titles are great too! Cheers to Blue! We miss you...(Click on the image to read the song titles;-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bored-Antsy Pups

Bored Toby
It's a snowy day. The pups have gone for their walk. They have had treats, and more treats...Potty breaks...A run around the yard. But, that is not enough. They have been antsy as can be. Now, they are just bored, bored, bored...
Bored Lady Flame

Monday, October 22, 2018

Stinky Flame

We love her, we really do. But, whooeee is she a stinky pup! We switched from grain free food, to Diamond Maintenance food (half the price), but there are consequences. Lady Flame is outgassing almost constantly, and the noxious odor is close to driving us out of the house. We switched because we read of a study done at a university that found a connection between grain free food with legumes to heart failure in dogs.