Thursday, August 17, 2017

Toby may finally be completely blind

We've been having a rough couple of days. The house has become like a pin ball machine for Toby, who seems to have completely lost his sight. This has occurred before, but only temporarily. Unfortunately, we are thinking that he may now be permanently blind.

It is difficult for us to see our big, beautiful boy walk around so cautiously (as he hits his head constantly.) We are going to order a Halo Vest for Toby. It should arrive within two weeks. Hopefully, it will help reduce all the head trauma.

But, our young buck can still kick up his heels with the best of them! Well, at least he can kick to mark the ground after peeing and pooping!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

High Speed Hounds in Slow-Mo

Drew worked the camera again, today. The video starts out with Trouble running at normal speed, and then switches to slow-motion so that you can see the elegance and/or goofiness of our high speed hounds. P.S. you might have to wait a few seconds for the video to load.

Just a note: Trouble is the featured hound in this video. He keeps us thoroughly entertained with his clumsy, off-kilter running style. A saying in our yard is, "If Trouble looks like he is going to run into you, then he really is going to bowl you over!" Everyone must stay on guard when the hounds run. More than one of us has been upended by these speedy hounds. Enjoy!

One more note: Billy and Shannon - I think you need to look around for traction shoes for TroublešŸ˜‰ We left out some of the more embarrassing slips and slides that Trouble took as he tried to negotiate turns...

Another exciting play date...

We have had two play dates on consecutive days. Gee, I think this is a record. Trouble, Sugaree, Lady Flame, and Toby have been enjoying each other's company to the max! Most of their time is spent chilling out in the sand, or the pool, with tiny bursts of motion thrown in when the mood strikes.
Awkward! Dig a deep hole then try to lay across it without falling in;-) That's Trouble!

Lady Flame is always on guard in case Toby happens by to step on her.

Sugaree is everybody's sweetheart!

Sigh...nobody is paying attention to me...

Toby has long, long legs...

Oh, what pretty eyes you have, Toby.

Trouble looks for trouble;-)

Blissed out in the pool after a hard run around the yard.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Twirling Toby Two

Drew is playing around with high-speed video (for slow motion playback). Toby was very obliging and did some masterful twirling while Drew had the camera on in the backyard. Twirling is typical for blind dogs as they can't see where obstacles are, so they keep their motion tight. Our pup is soooo cute! (By the way, Flame is muzzled because she is "bothering" her IV area after having had 5 teeth pulled.)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Walk on Hix Small Cemetery Road

Gee, it has been a long time since we did anything but walk down our busy/noisy road together. I have been missing the forest so much that Drew indulged me and we drove down Hix Small Cemetery Road for a very short walk with the dogs.
We enjoy walking through the cemetery, and the dogs enjoy sniffing the stones. Toby wanted a treat for being such a good pup and not peeing on everything.
But, we had to decline his royal highness as Lady Flame cannot eat crunchy foods yet (since her dental appt.) Look at Toby's expectant smile. Lady has just about given up as to ever getting a treat again. Poor pup. We just get grossed out with the idea of carrying hot dog pieces in our pockets;-)
But, little miss toothless (she had 5 big teeth extracted) is still pretty as can be.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Toby's Adoption Day Retrospective - 2013

Wow! Who could believe that is has been 4 years since Toby came to live with us and filled us with so much joy... We think that the name Toby fits him perfectly as he wasn't fond of "Kiowa Best Bank" (his racing name), or Greyson (his kennel name.) He chose the name "Toby" which popped unexpectedly into Drew's head shortly after we arrived home with him. It is not a name that we would have chosen for him, so that name must have come from him. It was a good sign that our biggie boy was talking to us on his adoption day.